Judges Guideline/Rules

At all of the Shine Bright Pageants contestants are judged on:

*Overall Appearance
* Poise
*Stage Presence

Judges are instructed not to write comments on the score sheets. The only marks you will see on the score sheets are:

*Age Division
*Contestant Number
*Circling of the score in each category

If any judge makes a mistake/error on a score sheet the sheet will immediately be put to the side and a new score sheet will be started by the judge. It is never permissible for a Director or a member of the Shine Bright Staff or Volunteer to make Any corrections to a score sheet. It is NEVER permitted for a judge to X out a score and circle a new score. If a judge circles a score and realizes a different score should have been given than a new score sheet will be started and the old one will be tossed to the side. A judge can NEVER make a change to a score sheet after a contestant has exited the stage. Once the contestant has left the stage, the score circled is finalized. The judges and tabulators decisions are FINAL.

We are a natural pageant. We at the Shine Bright pageant system DO NOT want to see:

*Hair extensions.Wigs (only exception to this rule is were a wig/hair extensions are used for medical purposes due to hair lose)
*Midriff (No belly showing in ANY age division)
*Flippers(Fake Teeth)
*Absolutely no spray tanning in Any age division

****If any contestant is wearing Hair Extensions, showing Midriff, Flippers or Spray Tanning in any category judges WILL DEDUCT POINTS FROM THE CONTESTANT!!!!!****

It is perfectly acceptable for contestants to:

*To wear little make up (light blush/lip gloss) in the Junior Miss division
*Wear a custom made one of kind attire that has rhinestones, ruffles
*Have curled, teased, etc. "pageant hair"

Runway/pageant music will be provided by the Shine Bright Pageant system. No personal music will be ALLOWED!!!!
Props will be allowed ONLY in the Themed Wear category (Props should not take more then one minute to set up any longer then a minute judges will be instructed to deduct points from the contestant)


Scoring: The total score is compiled of the contestant's score in Casual Wear, Themed Wear, & Beauty Wear to determine divisional placement/awards.

The one contestant from our Girl & Boy age division who has the highest combined score of Stage Presence & Poise will be chosen for this award.

*Optionals categories are NOT added to Casual, Themed, & Beauty Wear to determine divisional awards.
*ONLY ONE Audience Choice award will be chosen in the pageant.

ABSOLUTELY WITH NO EXCEPTIONS are men allowed in the dressing room!!!!!!! If you are a single father please make arrangements ahead of time for a female helper to help with contestant in dressing room.

Event Viewing Armbands are $9.00 and children under 3 are free. The parent escorting Baby Miss & Tiny Miss contestant are NOT REQUIRED TO PURCHASE AN ARMBAND.

**** Please remember that the Shine Bright Pageant system reserves the right to rescind any title and refuse entry to any Shine Bright event due to bad behavior or negative sportsmanship/ and or actions. ****