About Us

My name is Christel Wallace and I am the Executive Director and Founder of the Shine Bright Pageants (a Whitmore Alley Production). I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to Florida In 2004 with my husband. While In Florida, I noticed there were numerous pageants being held throughout the state. Christel Wallace I have always enjoyed competing in pageants from age 8. I have won and placed in local, national, and even international pageants. I now have a beautiful and talented daughter named Lawrencia, who also competes in several local and national pageants. I not only have competed in pageants, but I have also directed several different types of pageants.

My concern has always been that some pageants are not allowing contestants enough time to showcase their personality and style. I`ve always believed that a good pageant should allow the contestant to show all the different sides of their personality. So, I decided with the help and support from my husband and family to start a pageant of my own. My pageant focuses not just on beauty,but also on personality and style.

My pageants will focus on simply having fun in a relaxed atmosphere. I want my contestants and their families to have a smile on their faces throughout the pageant. My pageants will give your children a chance to show off their personality in a fun, warm, and friendly place. "Where your little ones can shine bright". So please come and be apart of the Shine Bright Family.